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Welcome on the homepage of the M.A. program in North American Studies at the University of Cologne.


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Fully accredited two-year program (120 CP) at the University of Cologne


The program “MA North-American Studies” at the University of Cologne includes cooperation of the Department of Anglo-American History, the English Department, the Instituto de Historia Ibérica y Latinoamericana, the Institute for Art History and the Institute for Media Studies at the University of Cologne.

To apply you need

1) a B.A. exam in a field that has affinity to North American Studies. That means that you need to provide evidence of at least 60 Credit Points in fields like English or American Literature, Translation Studies, American History, Economics with an American emphasis, American Politics, Gender Studies, Postcolonial Studies or American Film Studies. (These are examples only; the list is not complete)

2) an excellent knowledge and understanding of English as the program’s exclusive language of instruction and you should have a thorough understanding of a second European language, preferably French or Spanish (B1 CEF). You passed an English language test on the level of C1 (CEF) before your application. It is no longer necessary that you speak German before you apply, but a good working knowledge of German should be acquired while you study in Cologne. We will not accept German tests administered by lecturers of other universities, you may, however, pass the DAAD written test at the University of Cologne before your application.

 Every semester we admit up to 15 new students to our M.A. program who come to Cologne with a degree in an accredited BA studies program, which provides a pertinent basis for the MA North American Studies. This includes BAs in English and/or American Studies, Political Science, Modern History, Media Studies, Translation, Gender Studies, or Postcolonial Studies Preferably, you have already attended courses with special attention to North America and its cultures; or you have written a B.A. thesis with a focus on North America.

 Your application with includes a notarized copy of your B.A. certificate and diploma supplement. If you are still enrolled in a B.A. program at the time of your application, please submit your current transcript of grades. You should also download a certified copy of your high school diploma. In order to apply go to or apply using the homepage of the University under

The deadlines for the application are January 15th for the following summer term and July 15th for the winter term.  

Contact: Prof. Dr. Anke Ortlepp & Prof. Dr. Hanjo Berressem | Department of North-American History | English Department | University of Cologne Albertus-Magnus-Platz | 50923 Cologne – Germany | |


You find the Module Handbook here: